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About Us - Laboderm


Laboderm, the reference in dermatology and plastic surgery

With more than 5000 items, Laboderm has become a leading manufacturer and distributor in the field of dermatology, surgery and plastic surgery. Find in Laboderm, all the necessary equipment for the practitioner, including high-tech equipment such as 3GEN epiluminescence dermatoscopes , high-frequency new generation AARON electric scalpels, class B autoclaves, etc.

Laboderm can offer new disposable sterile intervention and medical kits at competitive prices. Laboderm has also designed a wide range of high-precision stainless steel instruments and kits to meet the practitioners’ practices and numerous procedures.

Many products for dermatology are designed and engineered by Laboderm :
- high precision surgical kits
- high precision sutury kits
- body and face surgery kits
- body biopsy kits
- high precision surgery instruments
- scalpels
- canulas

Anticipate the needs of practitioners

To always anticipate the needs of practitioners, Laboderm can rely on :
- the skills and motivation of its staff
- the strength, structure and growth of Novomed Group

Laboderm is the partner of dermatologists and plastic surgeons