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About Us - LCH


LCH Medical Products : The European reference of disposable medical material and devices

The success of LCH is the result of its capacity to respond to the medical sector's needs in terms of safety, quality and comfort.

Regarding asepsis, LCH has also positioned itself as a key player by
- offering a large range of disposable medical devices
- fighting against nosocomial and cross infections
- giving maximum comfort to the practitioner for the safety of the patient


As a designer and manufacturer of disposable sterile dressing kits, LCH innovation is based on the concept itself, the ergonomics of the kits and the Nessicare method (storage and unfolding), including the quality of instruments.

Thus, LCH is a key player in the market of disposable sterile kits, including customized kits.

LCH is also one of the leading manufacturers of disposable medical protection and surgery, gloves, surgery masks, protective coveralls, shoe covers, caps, supplied to health professionals.

LCH wide range of gloves can meet all the users' requirements : powdered and powder free gloves : latex, vinyl, nitrile, synthetic, sterile gloves for surgery and procedures, under the well-known Sensitex, Sensinyl, Nitriskin, Sensimax, Precinium, Sterixam brand names ...

Similarly, our range of Aerokyn masks is advocated by all care and health professionals for the quality of protection and comfort. Aerokyn masks are adapted to different interventions and users (children masks).

To always anticipate the needs of practitioners, LCH can rely on :
- the skills and motivation of its staff
- the strength, structure and growth of Novomed Group