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About Us - NovomedGroup

Novomed Group : the parent corporation of LCH Medical Products, Gyneas, Laboderm

Mission and goals

Since its foundation in 1993, Novomed Group has remained faithful to one of its missions: making every efforts to continuously improve quality, comfort, performance and care safety in any environments, hospital, private practice, consulting room or at home.

Its ambition is to support health and care professionals in their daily practice by providing them with appropriate solutions for their needs and matching their expectations.

An international reference for disposable medical devices

Novomed Group has highly contributed to the comfort and safety of patients and health professionals by developing, manufacturing and supplying disposable medical devices conforming to the market's needs.

Besides, Novomed Group has been the pioneer in the field of disposable dressing kits, under "Nessicare" brand-name.

Today, Nessicare is an essential and comprehensive range of kits adapted to each procedure.

Strategy, development and growth

Novomed is now a leading supplier of disposable medical devices, thanks to its development strategy which has involved :
- organization
- industrial processes
- performance of its R&D, internal experts and consultants : surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, etc...

Novomed Group 3 companies :