Our brands

LCH Medical Products

Founded in 1993, the brand is the historical entity of Novomed and is the industrial arm of the group. Designer and manufacturer, LCH Medical Products offers various ranges of single-use products to improve the quality of care and fight against nosocomial infections:

  • Single-use Sterile Care Sets and Instruments: LCH Medical Products offers a very wide range of kits and instruments, each adapted to a specific medical act and all developed in collaboration with practitioners.
  • Sterile compresses and dressings.
  • Disposable breathing masks
  • Single-use medical gloves (sterile and non-sterile)
  • Medical Dressing


Founded in 2000, Gyneas is the French leader in the supply of gynaecological and obstetrical medical devices in the city and in hospitals. Designer and manufacturer of its main ranges, Gyneas has developed new growth relays with midwives and patients through medical prescription.

All products have been developed in close collaboration with gynaecologists and midwives. Gyneas constantly brings a spirit of permanent innovation that makes it a trendsetter in the speciality.

Some examples of products:

    • Functional exploration instruments
    • Wide range of disposable specula
    • Gynecology Sets
    • Obstetrical suction cup
    • Abortion
    • Specific instrumentation (biopsy, …)
    • High-tech imagery/sound scanners
    • Perineal rehabilitation devices
    • Etc…

    Gyneas is enriched by close contacts and permanent exchanges with professionals in these disciplines, particularly at trade fairs, to develop new products and reference the latest innovations. It offers the most extensive range on the market via its extensive catalogue, making it an attractive one-stop-shop.


Founded in 2002, Laboderm is the French leader in dermatology devices. A new and complementary orientation has been brought towards aesthetic medicine.

Laboderm is a designer and manufacturer of innovative products for dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, such as :

  • Care sets and specific single-use instruments dedicated to dermatological, aesthetic or venereological procedures (biopsy, suture, intervention, etc.).
  • The aestheticPen, an innovation in the field of micro-puncture targeting numerous weakening of the dermis: wrinkles, scars, sagging pores.
  • Filling cannulas, for a gentle injection.

 NM Médical

Founded in 1978 and joining the Novomed galaxy in 2017, NM Médical (formerly Mediq France) is the leader in the distribution of medical equipment to the professions in general (doctors, nurses, etc.), and to general practitioners in particular.

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the medical field and integrated into a large international network of suppliers, NM Médical offers the widest product range on the market: from diagnostics to medical equipment, including care and injection products, Vitale card terminals and all products essential to the life of the medical practice.

NM Médical is THE one-stop-shop for all medical practices, with more than 12,000 references in stock and selected according to strict criteria of quality, performance and durability.

NM Médical offers a range of products for local authorities (hospitals, clinics, administrations, companies and care centres, etc.).

At the heart of the various health ecosystems, NM Médical has constantly sought to improve its services, whether through advice to professionals, product training or its hyper-reactive after-sales service. This is what makes it today the leader in the field of urban medicine.


Kinessonne is the specialist in physiotherapy, osteopathy and orthopaedic equipment within the Novomed group. Kinessonne’s offer revolves around various ranges of products used in physiotherapy practices and functional re-education centres:

  • Massage tables and oils
  • Electrotherapy products
  • Different ranges of massage creams
  • Cryotherapy and thermotherapy
  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Etc…