Our values and commitments

Being a major player in the healthcare sector, Novomed Group has built itself around strong values, at the service of all medical professionals. Safety, quality, service, innovation and a spirit of solidarity; these are the pillars that support the actions of all our employees every day.

The Novomed Group is dedicated to the “care”, to “taking care” of its customers, private practitioners, hospital doctors, nurses who, every day, care for and save lives. Our daily objective is to make medical work as easy as possible, to guarantee the highest quality and safety of medical acts. The products we sell must not have the slightest defect that would put patients at risk.


Taking care means first of all listening. Listening to our customers’ needs, remarks and feedback on our products and services in order to constantly improve our offer and our commitment to our customers.

Taking care then means committing to the best possible service. This includes an irreproachable telephone reception, ever more competitive offers to encourage customer loyalty, and efficient logistics for on-time deliveries that respect the total integrity of the products ordered.


Caring also means imagining solutions that improve the lives of patients. It is in fact in keeping with this commitment to care that Novomed has also created the Novo Life product range, dedicated to our seniors, to make their lives easier when life becomes difficult.

The healthcare sector is also one of solidarity between men and women. At Novomed, this spirit of solidarity and inclusion is expressed both through the quality of relationships within the group and through our ongoing efforts to ensure gender equality and diversify our recruitment policy.