Novomed Group: 27 years of innovation at the service of all healthcare professionals

By choosing the motto “Innovating for a better healthcare”, the Liebermann brothers, founders of the Novomed group, have placed innovation in healthcare at the heart of their growth strategy from the outset. This strategy has been assiduously pursued through major investments in Research, Development and Innovation every year. This is why Novomed was awarded the BPI France Excellence in Innovation Prize in 2014.


With more than fifty registered models, trademarks and patents, the Novomed group has worked at each stage of its development in close collaboration with numerous partner doctors, from the design to the marketing of products, to identify the specific needs of each specialty and even each medical procedure, to sound out the wishes of practitioners wishing to improve the quality, safety and simplicity of their interventions, then to develop new models and corresponding new products with them.


From the question of absolute sterilization to that of improving the products used by doctors in their daily medical practice, innovation at Novomed takes many forms: invention of new products, improvement of existing equipment, upgrading through hi-tech medical products… Innovation is the DNA of the Novomed group.


With this in mind, the Novomed group regularly expands its product catalog with innovative creations, invented by partner suppliers, in order to offer healthcare professionals ever wider and ever higher range of innovative products. From this point of view, Novomed is resolutely an “early adopter” of innovative products… Because our customers are too!


Finally, innovation also exists in our quality approach, with products, stocks and processes controlled every year, and progressing over the years with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.


Innovating for health is the group’s number one commitment, and it will never waver.