Interview Jennifer Neumann

Could you tell us about Gyneas (situation, flagship products, key figures)?

The Gyneas laboratories were created in 1999. We are manufacturers of gynaecological and obstetrical equipment and our expertise covers all the needs of healthcare professionals in these fields.

We never forget that at the heart of each act is a woman and that each woman is unique. Our goal is to improve the patient’s journey while perfecting existing products so that they are safe, less traumatic and more adapted to the patient’s morphology. Of course, we are also continuously developing new products for the comfort of both patient and practitioner.

For example, we have improved one of our flagship products, the cusco-type specula in :

  • lengthening the valves for better access to the cervix,
  • rounding the beak so that they are less traumatic for the patient and more adapted to her morphology,
  • reinforcing the retaining screw and valve joints to prevent the speculum from closing or breaking during the procedure,
  • reducing the opening angle to facilitate removal without injury,
  • adding two extra sizes: XS and XL to fit all morphologies,
  • Rounding the handles for a more ergonomic grip by the practitioner.


How is the brand positioned and what are its areas of development?

Gyneas is an innovative and unique brand. With the global crisis we are experiencing, we would like to continue to develop innovative single-use products to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible. In addition, we are creating smaller packaging for our flagship products, such as specula, “extrimplant®” implant removal sets, including IUD insertion kits, etc., so that they are more accessible to new players in the field, such as general practitioners and midwives.

We have also partnered with market leaders (Samsung, Monalisa Touch, Schmitz) to enrich our catalog with the latest innovations in the field of incontinence, medical imaging, furniture, etc…

We are constantly listening to our customers to improve our products, offers and services.


How do you meet the needs (R&D, collaboration with doctors?

We work exclusively with healthcare professionals specialized in their field to best meet demand.

First of all, we identify a need either to improve the patient’s comfort or to improve the practitioner’s experience. Then, we create a commission of referring physicians in the field. We organize several appointments in order to determine the best prototype. Finally, we develop the product so that we can carry out clinical trials until we have found the ideal form before marketing. Women and practitioners thank us for it!


What differentiates Gyneas’ offer from that of its competitors (what added value)?

Because we always listen to our customers and to women, we have been able to improve and invent our products to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Thanks to the practitioner and patient backgrounds that are constantly at the center of our concerns, we have naturally become the leader on the French and European market for speculums, bahrs clamps, amniotic perforators, single-use or reusable neck biopsy forceps, pessaries, etc.

In addition, we have launched the first “by Novomed” workshops to help healthcare professionals improve their skills in certain areas, such as understanding prolapse and choosing the right pessary, or courses on assisting with childbirth with the only single-use vacuum obstetrical suction cup, the iCup2.