Interview Kevin MAPLES

Introduce us to Laboderm. What are Laboderm’s flagship products?

Laboderm Laboratories were founded in 2003 and are the reference specialist for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic physicians.   We have long been known for the quality of our single-use instrumentation for skin surgery.  We also have a reputation for introducing new innovations that will improve our customers’ practice and the skin health of their patients.

Laboderm’s core products are primarily our single-use procedure sets.  Dermatologists and plastic surgeons demand fine, high-quality equipment for their microsurgical procedures.  We provide sterile sets containing single-use instruments without loss of precision.

We also offer dermatoscopes of the new generation.  Dermatology is a basic diagnostic specialty.  We provide a range of innovative dermatoscopy instruments for precise and rapid skin analysis.  The Dermlite® models of the American company 3GEN are compatible with Smartphone cameras allowing an efficient and easy patient follow-up.

Our third flagship universe is our aesthetic dermatological treatments. The choice of aesthetic procedures is wide: Dermabrasion, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, and Polydioxanone tensor threads.  Laboderm laboratories select only the most effective and high quality technologies and injectables for a result that is both transformative and natural for our clients’ patients.


What differentiates Novomed’s offer from the one of its competitors (what added value)?

There are many players in the distribution of dermatological, surgical and aesthetic products, and Laboderm is one of them.  But we are above all a laboratory carrying out research and development and manufacturing activities.  We work with expert skin care practitioners to bring to market the materials required by our customers.  We are also the only laboratories specializing solely in dermatological medical slides and skin surgery.  We are therefore one of the deepest players in skin care in France.


How is the brand positioned and what are its areas of development?

We have about 70% market share in the French dermatological skin care market.  As already mentioned, we are well known for our skin care universes.   For some time and certainly now in the context of the global health situation, dermatology and patient care have been evolving.  In terms of products, Laboderm is prioritizing its research for technologies and innovations that will facilitate dermatological and aesthetic procedures in the coming months. At the customer level, we remain attentive to our dermatologist, surgeon, and aesthetic doctor customers and their new needs while mobilizing ourselves to advise the new generation of skin care practitioners, whether they are yellow dermatologists, general practitioners, or other specialists in the city or hospital.


How do you respond as closely as possible to the needs (R&D, collaboration with doctors, etc.)?

We start with the patient in mind first.  His or her background, medical needs, and comfort drive the project of a new or modified product.  Then we ask our team of expert referring physicians to assist us in the elaboration of the specifications.  Patient and practitioner needs are well studied before designing and producing a prototype.  Because we have an integrated supply chain, we can manufacture samples quickly and rework them several times before we release the desired version.  The product is then ready for clinical trials.